About Mussvital

The specialist brand in the comprehensive care of sensitive, dry and atopic skin for the whole family

Mussvital is a pharmaceutical quality reference in hygiene and daily skin care. It offers a wide range of products for facial and body care, as well as a complete range of sunscreens. Mussvital is innovation, e is research, it is committed to the development of formula complexes for skin care. Mussvital Dermactive is active dermatological care of the most sensitive skin.

Our product range


They are specific formulas with ingredients that balance the physiological processes of the skin and activate its natural defenses. They are specific dermatological solutions for sensitive, dry and atopic skin.


Mussvital Essentials contains formulas based on extracts and oils of plant origin for the care and protection of healthy skin. They gently cleanse the skin, nourish it and soften it.


The safest and most effective sunscreen in a complete range for the whole family: facial with anti-ageing, body, pediatric, and sports. Innovative formulas of high quality, developed under dermatological supervision.

Facial Cosmetics

Mussvital Purifying Micellar Lotion gently cleanses and removes makeup from the face, eyes and neck. It provides a deep and purifying cleansing of the skin.