Active dermatological care for sensitive, dry, and atopic skin

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Specific dermoprotective formulas for the care of sensitive, dry, and atopic skin

They reinforce epidermal integrity and protect the skin barrier.
They stimulate the skin’s defenses.
They balance the physiological processes of the skin.

Formulas with integral action on the skin. They act at different levels:

1) Water
2) Lipid
3) Irritation
4) Itching
5) Microbial flora

Formulas for comprehensive skin care

Specific for sensitive, dry, and atopic skin


Hydrates the skin by recovering its water balance. 24 / 48h of hydration.


Relipidizing emollients that reinforce the lipid bilayer and regulate water loss.

MicroCONTROL (S. aureus)

Active that regulates microbial imbalance ( S. aureus )


Active antipruritic


With dermo-calming active ingredients that reduce irritation and soften the skin.

Dermactive is Dermoprotection. Balanced skin.

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Get to know the Mussvital Dermactive range

Bath gels and emollient lotions

Sensitive, dry and atopic skin

Emollient face and body creams

Atopic-prone skin


Maximum efficiency and maximum respect for the skin


Hair cosmetics with natural plant extracts

Intimate gels

Daily intimate care of women

Hand Creams

Specific formulas for the comprehensive care of sensitive, dry and cracked hands

Nose and lip care

Specific formulas for the comprehensive care of dry and chapped nose and lips