Intimate gels

Daily hygiene and intimate care of women

Intimate gels

Intimate Adult

It relieves itching and regulates the local microbiota. With softening and moisturizing active ingredients. Acid pH.

Intimate gels

Intimate Senior

Relieves itching and reduces dryness. With softening and emollient active ingredients. Neutral pH.

Daily hygiene and intimate care of women

Adapted to the vital evolution of the vulvovaginal area of women

Dermaprotect barrier complex

Adapted to each skin type

With plant extracts

No sulfates

Intimate gel without soap

Mussvital Dermactive Intim:

The range of intimate hygiene that adapts to the age of each woman.

The intimate area of women evolves with age and so do their needs for hygiene, care and protection.
Mussvital Dermactive Intim is a range of daily intimate hygiene products, with formulas that adapt to the characteristics of the intimate area at different stages of a woman’s life: childhood, childbearing age and maturity.

Mussvital Dermactive Intim are dermoprotective formulas WITHOUT Sulfates, WITHOUT soap, with plant extracts and a pH adapted to each age:

Mussvital Dermactive Adult (pH Acid): reduces itching and regulates bacterial flora, with softening and moisturizing actives.
Mussvital Dermactive Senior (pH Neutro): reduces itching and regulates bacterial flora, with contribution of emollients for dryness of the intimate area.

Con Dermaprotect Barrier Complex, a complex of reinforcing assets that reinforce epidermal integrity and protect the skin barrier.